As the Gender Pendulum Swings: True Equality and the Crisis of Men Over the years of working with hundreds, if not thousands of clients, I have come to believe that men deserve more praise, love, and compassion. If that sentences raises your hackles, hear me out first. Like most people, I have had the good fortune to grow up around men that were decent and honorable; great men who served their country, their communities, and…

Searching for Love Outside of Yourself At the core of every individual is the desired to be loved. At our very foundation, as social beings, is the need to feel a sense of belonging, that we matter. There is no greater sense of purpose or belonging than the security that accompanies our knowing that we are indeed loved. In my years of working with clients, I have witnessed all too often, individuals who believe that…

The Secret to Healing Our Emotions Have you ever felt like you were going to faint or have a heart attack over a breakup, failed project, or embarrassing memory from the past? A feeling that is so uncomfortable that it is going to suck the life right out of you and literally put you in an early grave?Well, I have some good news: it won’t! Some emotions may bring you to your knees and make…

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