The MaxxMETHOD is the result of decades of experience of being a licensed psychotherapist. People tend to go to therapy for issues many of us struggle with: loss, sadness, childhood trauma, relationship difficulties, feeling stuck, anger issues, anxiety. While these are serious challenges for many people and therapy can help, the core tools can address many of these issues.

MaxxMETHOD is a program developed to:

  • Help you manage emotions such as sadness, loss, loneliness, shame and other debilitating emotions
  • Identify the inner critic and find ways to change negative core beliefs such as ‘I’m not worthy’ and ‘I’m not good enough”, ‘I can’t succeed.’
  • Uncover and solve the wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • Give yourself permission to dream
  • Motivate you to take action now!

The MaxxMETHOD is focused on self-mastery tools you can use for a lifetime to be happier, more self-accepting, have better relationships, get relationships, get through times of difficulty and life the life of your dreams. The skills you learn can be used for exponential growth and are intended to maximize your potential to find greater joy, deeper love and greater successes!

The MaxxMETHOD consists of 6 Key Components

Own Your Dreams
Do It Now!

How it’s offered:

The MaxxMETHOD is available with different options to ensure you get what you need from the program.

Get the MaxxMETHOD with maximum support. Along with all the tools from my 2 decades of experience as a therapist, this coaching program will give you a big push forward.

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Want to work with some accountability and with others who share similar struggles? The MaxxMETHOD Group Class is only 6 weeks and will help you stay on track with each step.

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We’re putting the final touches on the MaxxMETHOD Workbook! The whole program presented to you in steps so you can self-study the MaxxMETHOD.

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Free Gift: Take the first step

Enjoy this download which will help you start self-mastery with awareness. You can’t change until you are aware.