Let's Go on A Fascinating Journey of Finding Joy in Loving Yourself

christy maxey founder of maxxmethod

Christy Maxey, Founder of The MaxxMethod

MaxxMethod Academy Is an Eight-Week Program to Finally Find The Confidence, Self-Worth And Self-Esteem You've Been Wanting For So Long...

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Are You Anxiety-Ridden, Sad, and Confused? Do You Constantly Believe You’re Never Good Enough? Unlovable? Permanently Damaged? Or Not Deserving?

These thoughts often lead to anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, and chronic relationship issues. Ultimately, they inhibit your ability to find pleasure in the things you once enjoyed and pursue the goals you set for yourself.

There is a way out of self-defeating thoughts.

Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives. But how much are we letting this inner critic control us? Are our actions based on what we really feel and believe, or are we living our lives based on our inner critic’s negative programming?

The fact is we are all born valuable and we are wasting time needlessly suffering in self-doubt, self-loathing and self-judgment …all of which leads to depression, anxiety, shame, anger, relationship problems and living small lives.

Learning to effectively overcome your ‘critical inner voice’ is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success.

Finally, there is a way to help you make deeper, longer-lasting change - to overcome everyday issues, problems, conditions and start finding joy in loving yourself!

Introducing MaxxMethod Academy:

Unravel the Mysteries Of Your Thoughts, Emotions, And Dreams To Finally Unlock 

Self-Love and Joy In Your Life

If you ever felt that therapy is like the “slow boat to China,” you are right. 

After 20 years as a therapist, I felt the same way too.

Unlike therapy, MaxxMethod Academy will give you the tools and skill-set to help you bring about a permanent change in the way you think, feel, and act. You will finally find the joy in loving yourself and learn the life-skills that will stay with you for life.

MaxxMethod Is A Framework For Personal Development To Help You Build a Foundation Of Self-Worth, Healing, And Self-Love

Are you living a life given by the negative programming from your past? Old traumas, big and small haunt your life today and shape your tomorrow.

The most important battle you will fight is the one going on inside you - the real you versus your critical inner voice.

Research shows that when we fail to make sense of our past, we find ourselves reliving and recreating it, essentially having old hurts re-emerge over and over again. Making sense of your past is the best predictor of your ability to shape your future. 

In this progressive 8-week program, you will gain insights on your inner critic and learn to silence it with empowering beliefs.

You will learn methods for overcoming the barriers from the past that lie deep within your sub-consciousness and enhance your ability to love yourself, love others and be loved.

The word METHOD is an acronym for:

  • Mindfulness: Increase awareness without judgment.
  • Emotions: Learn to embody and manage your emotions.
  • Thoughts: Clear limiting beliefs and manifest what you DO want.
  • Healing: Heal your past and restore wellness.
  • Own Your Dreams: Live the life you desire and deserve.
  • Do It NOW: Take action now.

You’ll finally learn to live free of prescribed identities and become the unique individual you are meant to be.

In Just Eight Short Weeks, You Will…

  • • Go through a fascinating process of self-discovery
    • Learn a framework for resolving childhood traumas
    • Understand how childhood attachment patterns may be affecting your life today
    • Explain how you can develop a secure attachment in adulthood
    • Rewire your brain to become more present, secure and empowered in your life today
    • Provide you with tools for better understanding and integrating your emotions
    • Writing exercises with detailed instructions to set you free from your limiting beliefs
    • Practices to promote brain integration
    • Exercises to develop self-love, compassion, and design a better future

Here is The Best Part - You Aren't Alone

MaxxMethod Academy is an incredible community of supportive and encouraging problem solvers. You’ll discover that you are NOT alone in this journey and that you can grow out of your life-problems in the camaraderie, companionship and connection with others.

....You’ll help heal others to heal yourself.

....You’ll empower others to feel empowered yourself.

....And in the process, you’ll make long-term changes that will last a lifetime.

Every week, we will get together on a group coaching session where I’ll lead the group into a transformational experience of sharing and caring. You’ll perform group activities, and even help others find their self-worth.

The MaxxMethod Program Comes with Two 

Incredible Bonuses

Bonus #1: The MaxxMethod Workbook ($47 Value)

The MaxxMethod Workbook is your manual to find self-love.

In this workbook, you’ll find guided exercises, assignments and routines to develop a strong foundation of self-love and self-worth. 

The assignments in this workbook are backed by solid research and built on my two decades of experience working closely with thousands of people.

Bonus #2: The MaxxMethod Journal ($27 Value)

The MaxxMethod Journal is your daily companion to help you externalize your thoughts, emotions, desires, dreams, and actions. It is specifically designed to complement the MaxxMethod Workbook. 

Finally, you will unwind yourself and develop tremendous clarity in all areas of your life and relationships.

Once Again, Here is Everything You Are Getting…

  • • 8 - 60-Minute Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($1600 Value)
  • • One-hour private call with Christy ($250 Value)
  • • The MaxxMethod Workbook ($47 Value)
  • • The MaxxMethod Journal ($27 Value)
  • • Unlimited email support

Total value of coaching + bonuses = $1,799

Your Special Price : $1,924 $699

(Enroll today and pay 

in full and get $100 Off)

Enroll into the MaxxMethod Academy and Learn The All Important Life-Skills That Will Stay With You Forever

The Program Starts on Wednesday, November 13th
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About Coach Christy Maxey, MC

Christy is a Personal Development Life Coach for men and women who want to live a life that fulfills them! With over 20 years of experience as a therapist in private practice, Christy has developed a program that follows the belief that everyone has the tools within them to master their fears, insecurities, their dreams, and even their day-to-day lives. MaxxMethod is about getting to the cause instead of treating the symptoms while developing lifelong tools for managing what life throws our way.

"My life’s work has been dedicated to helping people build a foundation of self-worth by gaining awareness of who they are, healing the past, managing their thoughts and emotions, and to believe in themselves so they can create the life and relationships they long for" - Christy Maxey

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