What the Hell Do We Do with Our Emotions? If you’ve been following my blog, you may have read my “Secret to Healing Our Emotions” a lighthearted article on a serious topic that, unfortunately, carries a ton of stigma. We are often taught to avoid, deflect, and even numb our emotions in self-destructive ways.One of the issues we face when it comes to managing our emotions, particularly the difficult ones, is that we approach them…

The Secret to Healing Our Emotions Have you ever felt like you were going to faint or have a heart attack over a breakup, failed project, or embarrassing memory from the past? A feeling that is so uncomfortable that it is going to suck the life right out of you and literally put you in an early grave?Well, I have some good news: it won’t! Some emotions may bring you to your knees and make…

Beyond Your Past Radio Podcast I recently had the pleasure of joining Matthew Pappas on his Beyond Your Past Radio podcast. Besides being an extraordinarily insightful blogger and talented podcaster, Matt is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. During the episode we discussed changing negative core beliefs, healing, and inner-child work as well as some of the things I am currently working on. You can visit Matt’s Beyond Your Past Radio page here.

Emotional Kintsugi: Self-Compassion is Gold I recently read an article detailing the Japanese custom of kintsugi, which is an artform of repairing broken pottery with a special-formed bonding lacquer mixed with either gold, silver, or platinum. The purpose of the process—central to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—is to highlight the imperfections and the history of the pottery, rather than simply repairing the damage so that it is no longer visible. Writing in Architectural Digest, noted…

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