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After working with thousands of people over twenty years as a psychotherapist, I developed a method that, I believe is the most efficient and effective way toward change.



Personal Development Coaching


Sometimes it helps to get support and tools one-on-one, so privates sessions online or in person are available. I have over two decades of experience successfully helping people overcome relationship struggles, low confidence, anxiety, depression, repeating same negative patterns, loss and other life challenges. I help you discover your authentic self, realize how powerful you are and rediscover your wants, dreams and desires.

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MaxxMETHOD: Framework For Finding Self-Mastery

MaxxMETHOD concentrates on the essential concepts of self-mastery that you can use over and over to expand your potential and live the dreams you’re too scared to even dream of yet.

After decades as a therapist, I put the essentials to accomplishing anything in one simple program that you can apply to all areas of your life. If you are dreaming of it, MaxxMETHOD will help you get there.

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About Christy Maxey, MC, Personal Development Coach

I have been a licensed therapist for over two decades. With a compassionate direct approach I will help you uncover what is stopping you from living out your potential.

I work with people privately and in groups in the Gilbert and Phoenix (Biltmore/Arcadia,) Arizona area, or online via Zoom (an internet meeting platform.)

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What Clients Say:

“Things I have been struggling with my whole life are now manageable and in a lot of cases, completely gone. I am so much happier and my ability to handle extreme stress, which we all experience in this life, has greatly increased. I still experience stress but I am able to handle it so much better. It doesn’t ‘break me’ anymore.”

“When I came to Christy, I had been struggling my whole life with no self-confidence, bad self-image, being a people-pleaser, fear of doing things that should have brought me happiness, fear of dying, depression and anxiety. After working with Christy, they are now manageable and in a lot of cases, completely gone. I am so much happier and my ability to handle stress, which we all experience in this life, has greatly increased. Christy is very skilled and I would say gifted in helping people with her tools and ability to identify and help you with lifetime issues and struggles. Honestly, I can say without hesitation, she saved my life and I am grateful that I was lead to her.”

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